Rocco Panacci

About Me

I'm a Toronto-based application designer/developer and experienced product manager. I began my career freelancing and developing enterprise-level software shortly after graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and a Diploma in Computer Programming and Analysis.

In addition to freelancing, learning, and creating awesome things, I teach Web Design/Development at two Toronto Collages - George Brown College and RCC Academy of Design. My expertise lays in bridging the highly technical world of application development and the ever-shifting paradigms of modern art and design.

Development & Design

As the wave of online social media and mobile applications began to take shape, I quickly developed a flair for modern web technologies. I believe we are only now entering the golden era of web design and development as our browsers have begun to catch up with our imaginations at last.

I'm currently interested in developing new ways of represent data on the web (public APIs - keep 'em coming!) and as a result, have been exploring the new found powers of the modern browser from a design perspective, using a developers finess. As I continue to amass a library of projects and ideas, I hope to publish my work and lessons learned as a way to inspire others.

Still a code-junky at heart, one of my most recent projects had me leading the development of a Social Networking communication tool that combines product placement, animation, artificially intelligent avatars and a simple chat protocol, to develop an industry leading platform – awarded Red Herring’s "Global 100" award.

Where To Find Me

(Coming Soon)

Technologies & Interests

Technologies, software and languages that I'm proficient in:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and jQuery)
  • PHP + MySQL
  • CSS preprocessing with SASS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Wordpress development
  • Mobile development (including jQuery Mobile & PhoneGap)
  • C, C++, C#, Java
  • Flash & ActionScript
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

A few of the concepts or technologies I'm currently interested in:

  • Mashing-up public APIs and stats
  • Responsive & adaptive design patterns
  • Interesting usages for CSS 3d transformations
  • Web animation for improved user experience
  • Conceptualizing applications and experiences to make life easier
  • Expanding my knowledge of Node.js